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Hello and WELCOME to Heart's Path Designs.

The soaps you see listed are currently in stock, please contact us directly at (916) 233-9043 or for orders as we continue to work out our e-commerce and shipping options.  If you have any questions, please use our contact form.  Also check us out at Heart's Path Designs on Facebook for regular updates and frequent promotions.

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Happy Anniversary

Lisa Jenkins


Happy Anniversary . . . . 

This is, in a way, an Anniversary post. . . . and also a post about beginnings.  About how the creative process can sometimes explode out of you in a rush, and sometimes take its sweet old time.  This last year (for me anyways) it has been taking its sweet old time.

It all started in my Sister’s kitchen.  We had ideas, big ones.  Not about a soap company, per se.  Just a couple of women trying their hands at a few soap recipes.  A batch of Rosemary Lemongrass (speckled with real fresh Lemongrass bits, we didn’t know they would quickly brown!), a bunch of creamy-orange Tangerine bars, a few heart-shaped Rose-scented soaps.  There were spills and a few laughs along the way.  After I tried out a few of those creations myself (and learned just how refreshing to the senses they could be) I was hooked.  I wanted everyone to have a chance to experience the joy of handcrafted soaps in all of the amazing scents I could offer.  This was in April of 2013. The days went by, and the ideas came faster and faster.  By August, I was making bars for friends and family, and enjoying the amazing variety of essential oils and soap designs.  By October (the 18th, to be exact), I had launched the Heart’s Path Designs website and Facebook page.  It seemed there was so much to plan and do! 

The holiday season came and went, it seemed, in a rush.  In the New Year, I faced some personal challenges and had to re-prioritize things for a while.  A while became a month, a month became a few months.  I never forgot my passion for my soaps, or for creating the type of company people can come to depend on.  However, I had to recognize at the time that other things needed to be taken care of first.  That happens to the best of us sometimes.

I came to realize that much like the birth of a baby, the birth of a company may be conceived of in one day, but will not come to fruition that same day.  In this as in so many endeavors, some real patience is required.  Patience hasn’t always been my strong suit - but I have heard there is always room for growth, right?

All the while as I continued to make new soaps for friends and family (and my own family, too!), the dream of working on the website, working on the business never died.  I knew the day would come once again when I would be able to unleash my creative forces and let them fly.  And now, almost a year after the launch, it finally has!  So now I am back, Heart’s Path Designs is back.  I can once again follow that small still voice that leads me to make these luxurious and often decadent little creations.  I am quite sure I will still encounter a few little hiccups along the way, however, I most definitely have that "nothing will stop me now! feeling!

I want to truly thank those of you who have believed in me and continued to encourage me throughout this year.  I would name names, but you know who you are! Those kind folks out there who asked politely and not too often if they could help in any way - or just simply said I know you will do this, after the other difficulties have passed.  Thanks also to those who have provided creative inspiration and/or marketing ideas, your input has not been forgotten! 

This Saturday, October 18th 2014 will be our Anniversary. . . . Here’s to a very Happy Anniversary, and many more good times to come!