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Sacramento, CA, 95820

Hello and WELCOME to Heart's Path Designs.

The soaps you see listed are currently in stock, please contact us directly at (916) 233-9043 or for orders as we continue to work out our e-commerce and shipping options.  If you have any questions, please use our contact form.  Also check us out at Heart's Path Designs on Facebook for regular updates and frequent promotions.

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General Safety and Storage Concerns, Shelf Life

Note: Please also read our full information on Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils for any purchases that include these ingredients (see ingredients listing on individual product pages).

As with any bath or body product, it is recommended that you store all creations from Heart's Path Designs safely out of reach of infants, small children, and animals.  A few of our products may look (and smell) good enough to eat. . .  but they are not edible!  Soaps may contain Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and colorants that are not safe to ingest and/or could irritate the skin of infants.  Therefore, please use and store these responsibly.

In order to bring you truly beautiful soaps, many of our products contain somewhat concentrated amounts of both natural and laboratory-created colorant(s); and/or may contain natural materials/Botanicals (such as coffee grounds) that could stain or discolor fabrics or ANY porous surfaces/materials (including plastic soap dishes or tile grout). That being said, we ALWAYS stay within industry-accepted safe usage levels for each product.

In order to improve the longevity of your soaps it is recommended that you allow the soap to dry fully between uses (we like to use a "soap saver" to rest the soap on or a 2-piece soap dish with small perforations in the upper layer to allow for a fully dry soap).  Handmade soaps that sit in a even a small amount of water will quickly become soggy and have a drastically shorter usage life than they otherwise would.  Also soaps high in Olive Oil can get a slimy layer on them (instead of a gentle bar with small but robust lather). 

 Sometimes, we like to spice things up with a little glitter or jojoba beads, or add whimsical little touches like an embedded toy animal eraser.   Please be assured that all of the materials we use in our soap and body products are safe for bathing use (external only).  That being said, use our products with care- for example, you probably wouldn’t want to use a bar that has a lot of larger pieces of glitter as a face soap, and you wouldn’t want to give a bar with an embedded toy to a very small child who might choke on it.

Some of the natural materials used in our soaps and body products (e.g., Calendula petals, Olive Leaf powder) will naturally show the effects of aging once added to a bar of soap and will change color even more once you start using them; therefore most soaps and products are best used quickly once purchased.   Those that are known to discolor quickly (in less than 2 months) will have that information stated in the product description.  All botanicals will change color to some degree over time and with exposure to water and sunlight.

Some soaps contain natural oils with a shorter shelf life than some of their counterparts, such as Sunflower Seed Oil.  Natural oils make for a great bar of soap that isn't as drying as drugstore brands.  However like any product that starts with edible ingredients and isn't processed and filled with preservatives (none of our soaps use any preservative) they will feel the effects of age and some short shelf life oils may go slightly rancid once well past their normal shelf life.  Unless otherwise stated on the label (such as with 100% pure Olive Oil soap which has a shelf life of over a year) it is assumed that our soaps will be used once purchased not set in a dish for a few years.