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Sacramento, CA, 95820

Hello and WELCOME to Heart's Path Designs.

The soaps you see listed are currently in stock, please contact us directly at (916) 233-9043 or for orders as we continue to work out our e-commerce and shipping options.  If you have any questions, please use our contact form.  Also check us out at Heart's Path Designs on Facebook for regular updates and frequent promotions.

Seriously Spiced Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes with organic coffee, Shea Butter, & Cocoa Butter

Sugar & Salt Scrubs

Seriously Spiced Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes with organic coffee, Shea Butter, & Cocoa Butter

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1 Seriously Spiced Coffee.jpg
6 Gift Set WM.jpg

Seriously Spiced Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes with organic coffee, Shea Butter, & Cocoa Butter


Coffee lovers, rejoice!!! These fun sugar scrub cubes take exfoliating and pampering your skin to a WHOLE 'other level. These cubes are packed with finely-ground organic coffee, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, fractionated Coconut Oil, and a touch of Nutmeg for the spice lovers out there. They also contain some Glycerine soap base (to aid in cleansing and producing solid cubes). The tops are also dusted with a touch of fine gold mica. These are a lightly cleansing product. We use sugar in our scrub cubes as it will not dry out the skin like salt can. The icing on the cake (or cubes, as it were) is our blend of Coffee and Mocha fragrance oils (all at skin-safe levels). If you adore the scent of fresh, good coffee – these scrub cubes are for you!!

Simply take out a few cubes and set them near the shower where you can reach them. Working with one cube at a time, scrub in circles onto your skin and cleanse/exfoliate needed areas until all the sugar is dissolved then simply rinse and pat dry. The butters will stay on your skin for a super luxurious experience throughout the day. Note: Exfoliate away from direct water spray to avoid losing your product down the drain before you get to use it.  These WILL make the bottom of your tub or shower rather slippery so PLEASE use caution.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Glycerine soap base, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Ground Nutmeg.


Our luxe exfoliating cubes come in a re-usable 8-oz jar with a decorative label on top.  You will be receiving a full 5 oz of cubes with each jar. Orders of more than 3 jars (or orders with additional items other than scrub cubes) will require additional shipping, please contact us with your zip code and desired items for a custom shipping quote by message on our Facebook page or by email at We often ship these in a bubble mailer envelope with a small box inside to get you the most for your shipping dollar.


Shipping weight (includes jar): 12.3 oz = .77 lb

Dimensions (includes jar): 2.6” x 2.6” x 4”

Shown here with our "Coffee and Vanilla Lovers" gift set.

Caution: To some, these MAY look (or smell) a bit like a fancy chocolate or even small brownies. . . . But they're not!! Be sure to keep this product out of the reach of infants/small children/pets/those with poor eyesight who might think it's a delicious treat.

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